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Here at Canning Car Care we have a wide range of servicing options to suit you, our affordable servicing will help keep your vehicle safe, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. Call our servicing experts in Canning Town for more information on whats available.

Servicing your vehicle is essential for maintaining your vehicle's health, an annual service is recommended as a minimum, those who drive frequently are advised to have a smaller service in between annual services.

During your service one of our technicians has the best opportunity to take an in-depth look around your vehicle. We can assess the condition of numerous components, provide replacements where necessary and give your engine an oil change.

To assist you in getting the correct level of service for your vehicle we offer a variety of servicing options.

Our full service is our most comprehensive servicing option. It features dozens of checks across the vehicle as well as a complete engine oil change, replacement filters and new spark plugs where needed. It is recommended for those who regularly meet or exceed 10,000 annual miles that a full service is undertaken annually.

To complement this we also offer an interim service. Another thorough servicing option featuring a large number of checks across the vehicle it functions similarly to the full service. Included in this service are a complete engine oil change and a replacement oil filter. An interim service is recommended every 6 months between annual services.

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For any queries or questions about our servicing or to book yourself in for a service call us on 0207 511 2334 or send us a message using our Contact form.

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